Vintage Trade is pleased to offer Personal Order selections. You’ll notice that some of our wines are Consignment – meaning we have them currently in stock and are continually being replenished.

Additionally, we can special order wines for our customers — your own Personal Order. A Personal Order requires a nominal 25% deposit. The Personal Order wines are added to our ongoing Consignment orders. Once placed, personal Orders take 6-12 weeks to be arrive depending upon the Country of Origin.

Upon completing a Personal Order purchase and deposit, you will receive notice that your order has been received by the winery. You will then receive a notification once your wine has arrived at the LCBO. Add 2-3 weeks if the wine requires an LCBO laboratory test, before delivery.

It’s not the quickest way to get a wine – but you are given the opportunity to collect a wine that is essentially exclusive!

Phone: 1 (866) 390-8745
Burlington, Ontario