Moncaro Montepasso Rosso Conero DOC 2013

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Montepasso comes from the beautiful promontory Conero, reaching out to the Adriatic. The sea breeze contributes to its complexity and rich flavour. Montepulciano and Sangiovese combine to form a modern interpretation of Marche’s traditional method of letting wine ferment a second time with dried grapes (“ripasso” style). The result is a rich wine with complex aromas of ripened fruit, warm flavours of red berries, dried plums and chocolate; soft tannins and great concentration.

  • Bottles per Case: 12
  • Country: Italy
  • Region: Le Marche
  • Varietal(s): Montepulciano, Sangiovese
  • Winery: Terre Cortesi Moncaro
  • Awards & Accolades: Challenge International du Vin Bordeaux - Silver, Selections Mondiales des Vins Canada - Gold
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Moncaro has always been characterized by its deep roots in the territory of the Marche region and its unique environment. Moncaro sees itself as an expression of the culture of Le Marche and a representation of the heart of this land. Like many other natives of this region, Moncaro is inspired by the desire to showcase its natural beauties and the products it yields by offering high quality services with character and style, in a language the world will understand but spoken with a local accent. Moncaro is fiercely proud of this venerable land and its historic culture. And, Moncaro does all of this with a commitment to sustainable agriculture, low environmental impact & organic farming.

Moncaro boasts three winemaking cellars, as well as various vineyards, in the region’s three most prestigious grape-growing areas with the Montepasso hailing from the Cantina del Conero in Camerano on the slopes of Monte Conero. Located in the heart of the classic “Rosso Conero” production zone, Cantina del Conero, was built by Moncaro in 1972. It boasts 188 hectares (460 acres), with an impressive 122 ha dedicated to the production of Conero DOC. The Cantina del Conero seems almost like a high-tech studio for red wine production. Vinification is carried out in wide but rather low tanks, designed for optimal cap submersion, while a highly-trained team of specialists rigorously supervise temperature control, punch-downs, and délestage. The barrel room is truly remarkable, boasting a barrel capacity of some three thousand hectolitres (80,000 gal.), with large barrels in Slavonian and Allier oak and barriques in Allier, Tronçais, Never and American oak.

Production Details:

  • Winery Website: Terre Cortesi Moncaro
  • Vintage: 2013
  • Harvest method: By hand. Careful winter and summer prunings ensure balanced vine growth. Excessive fruit production is managed by cluster thinning. Multiple-pass harvesting allows gathering each cluster at its optimal ripeness. Decades-long familiarity with their vineyards and their various grape varieties, as well as constant monitoring of seasonal weather conditions, allow Moncaro to plan vinification methods and schedules before harvesting. All grapes are graded and coded according to category, sugar level, condition and yield per hectare.
  • Vineyard Yield: 7.5 tons/acre
  • Vineyard notes: Growing area: the Marche, province of Ancona. Located in the Rosso Conero DOC, near the Monte Conero promontory on the Adriatic coast of the Marche. Vines range from 8-30 years. Soils are derived limestone-marl rock interspersed with zones of dark-red earth, clay and Plio-Pleistocene era rock near the promontory. Aspect and elevation is close to the Adriatic sea, protected from the cold north winds, at 130-230m.
  • Skin Contact: 80% of the wine is vinified by making a “ripasso”, a re-fermentation on the marc and dried grapes. This slightly increases the alcohol content and gives the wine roundness, deeper colour and more complex aromas of ripened fruit. The remaining 20% is vinified in a traditional way with a maceration on the skins for 15-20 days.
  • Fermentation: A second fermentation (“ripasso”) on the marc and on the dried grapes of Montepulciano & Sangiovese.
  • Aging: 60% in barrique; 40% in 25 and 35hl French oak barrels for 12 months; followed by bottle aging in temperature-controlled storage.
  • Best Consumed: An extraordinary capacity for long-term aging, but absolutely ready to enjoy now.

Food Pairing

Performs best with grilled meats, roasted pork and stews. Filet and other fine steaks, lamb, braised veal shanks and all kind of game figure on the list of noble partners, as do various well-aged cheeses.


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